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At Long Last-A Mermaids Lunch!

Brazilian Moquequa


With oceans of great joy and at the request of the many that I have cooked for and's my food blog!. and in anticipation that this will serve as the foundation from which will evolve into my cookbook -which is way overdue!

My cooking career is a story that has several chapters that are filled with adventures that has wild twists and turns,spanning many decades and destinations... many of it magical -with heaping helpings of divine intervention and kitchens full of laughter, travel,rock and roll, and lots and lots of love.

Love is my favorite ingredient.

I cook much like I live this life-with passionate abandon- and a strong distain for rules and huge propensity for experimentation and following my instincts and listening to my intution.

I love to seduce groups of people with my cooking.

I want people to weep and have mystical experiences when they eat my food (remember that scene in Like Water for Chocolate ?

Yeah, like that).

As a visual artist and art teacher I love to make presentations of sumptuous meals that make people sigh.

So yeah- thats how it is.

There's tons of good stories about how I began my love affair with food and it's preparation.... and the evolution of that.

I will roll out little tidbits with offerings as this evolves.

Oh, and recipes. Yes those!

So Welcome...

....and come swim into my world a little bit and I will share some of the things I love to cook and where and how I learned to make them.

Queen of Sheba Salad.. a lovely beet salad

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join us

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Recipe Exchange @ 9pm!

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